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Connie Begger

248 W Burkitt Street
Sheridan, WY 82801

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Connie Begger

Covering Montana and Northern Wyoming

I am a lifelong resident of the great state of Montana! Not only was I born and raised in MT, but I also raised my family here. It's home. I can't imagine living anywhere else, except for maybe Wyoming. I am a licensed broker in both bordering states and have been splitting my time between the two since 2021. Aside from the signs "Thank You for Visiting" and "Welcome" that line I90, you can hardly tell the difference between MT/WY. This is one of the many reasons why I love being able to help others buy and sell real estate in the greatest place on earth, the west! Where complete strangers still wave as they pass each other. Where a handshake still means something and where freedoms are still appreciated.

I made my decision to go into real estate back in 2017, to help people who didn't know where to start when it came to buying/selling a home. Who to call. Where to go. Who to trust. What happened next. I owned a business for over 8 years, centered around the care of seniors. I spent 1000's of hours sitting around kitchen tables, helping people and their families decide what to do when their loved ones passed away, were no longer safe at home or when a home was no longer needed. I knew I could do more for these families, so I made the leap, sold my business, got my real estate license in 2018, and took the necessary steps to become a nationally certified S.R.E.S agent. Simply put, I specialize in real estate for seniors.

Although having this designation, my desire to help people find their forever home, doesn't necessarily start with buyers/sellers aged 65+. I've found that I love helping people of all ages become homeowners. I enjoy working with families. I enjoy the participation of the family when their 20-something-year-old buys their first home and the memories that are shared when selling a beloved family member's last home.

Since becoming a licensed realtor in 2018 and a licensed broker in 2021, I've helped over 120 clients of all ages, make their dreams of home ownership come true. I've helped families from all over the country, sell a loved one's home following a passing. I'm the boots on the ground when they can't be.

My approach to real estate? Listening to the story. The story that builds that desire in someone to make the biggest purchase of their life. What their needs are. Where they see their life going. Where they feel safe. Where they want to hang their hat at the end of the day. I believe there's nothing that can't be figured out over a simple conversation and a cup of coffee. I don't believe in pressure sales tactics or hurried decision making. That's one of the great parts of living and working where I do in the great states of Montana and Wyoming... the space and pace!

So tell me, what's on your mind and how can I help?

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